For me, photography is about the precise moment one decides to create a photo(s) up until the instant in which this desire ends. It is about setting an intention and what occurs during the time one is focused upon that intention. It usually germinates with an idea that one can put into words. Hopefully, the outcome says something that words can allude to but not describe.
What I set out to photograph and the photographs that I end up with are often very different. What happens along the way is often more interesting to me and whomever or whatever I am photographing than the images that are created in the interim. It is like traveling without going anywhere. Sometimes though, one gets a gem. One knows when one gets a gem. It’s magic.


I have been working behind the lens for fifteen years. Before that, I spent some time in front of the lens living as a model in Paris and Los Angeles and understudying with master photographers.

Reds Restaraunt Sedona

Interior design photos for manager Thomas Bruge. Photographs to be published in Spring edition of Essential Sedona magazine.

Evolve Vacation Rentals

Currently working as a vacation rental photographer for Evolve in Sedona, Az.

Property Pro Media

Currently run business operations and photograph for the real estate photography company Property Pro Media in Sedona and Los Angeles.


Currently work as a freelance photographer for the agency Ocus from Paris, France.Snapwire